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Uncertainty and ingenuity in the age of Coronavirus

Like many, I have been avidly following the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing social and societal changes the past week. Life and social/economic perception has changed rapidly. The world at the end of this week bears little resemblance to the beginning of the week. In some ways, being a typical "horse girl" and spending much of my time at the barn with the horses (and a few people), my life hasn't changed all that much. Quarantine life is very similar to my own life in ways that are somewhat embarassing. But I am concerned about the seeming destabilization of social, economic and political norms, and worry about how much time it will take to get ourselves back on track.

Although it feels as if the world has stopped (and in some ways it has), nature marches on. I'm expecting two foals this year, one due via ET in mid May (Gaudi x Sezuan x Riccione) and one due in mid June (Grand Galaxy Win x Ferro x Hotline). I'm still planning on breeding for at least one foal for next year, but haven't decided yet which mare. The horses still need to be fed and worked, barn chores still need to be done, various household chores tended to. The horses don't know about a human pandemic, and could really care less, unless of course it affects their feeding schedule.

In the meantime I will continue to post every hilarious meme I can find on my FB page. Because sometimes you just have to find something to laugh at, because the alternative is much darker. Stay safe everyone, and make sure to wash your hands!! (Also don't hoard all the TP).

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