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Upcoming Embryo Transfer foals!!

This is my first voyage into dressage breeding, and I have a confirmed ET foal from Vitalis out of my top mare Izabella (Sezuan x Riccione, pictured as a 4 year old). I am keeping Izzy in training, and embryo transfer is a great way to get a foal out of her without interrupting her training. I am a huge fan of Vivaldi blood (the sire of Vitalis) as he produces super temperaments and ridability and all the talent for the International GP ring. Currently Vivaldi has two young sons Dream Boy and Expression who just debuted in international GP in Holland with scores in the low 70s. Vitalis himself is also a fabulous stallion and sire. This should be a spectacular foal. I'm hoping for a filly!

Next week we're going to try for a second ET foal, this time by top GP sire DeNiro. DeNiro himself died a few years ago, but his successful production record for International GP needs no introduction. He has been the number 1 producer of GP horses for the past few years, and his long list of successful performers includes Desperados (Kristina Sprehe), Dablino (Anabel Balkenhol), and Delgado (Beatriz Ferrer-Salat), among others. This foal will be closely related to Izzy's half-brother, Just Wimphof (DeNiro x Riccione), who is an approved stallion in Holland.

Both foals may be offered for sale, but I will make those decisions once they are on the ground. Fingers crossed for successful pregnancies and foaling!!

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