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Victor and Heather Oleson





  • Heather is an International Grand Prix dressage rider, trainer, instructor and clinician, who was born and raised outside Portland, Oregon.  She is based in Boise, Idaho.  

  • She started in 4-H as a teenager with her half-Arabian gelding SB Flame Dancer, who would later become the first horse she trained to Grand Prix.  Since then she has trained multiple horses to FEI, competed extensively in the Northwest and on the California CDI circuit, and competed at the USEF Festival of Champions twice on two different self-trained horses: Escorial in 2012 (Intermediare I) and Victor in 2016 (Grand Prix). 

  • Although she has worked with many excellent instructors, Heather credits Ernst Herrmann, Conrad Schumacher, and the late Dietrich von Hopffgarten as the biggest influences on her training philosophy.  Most recently, she spent almost 2 years training with Danish Olympian Lars Petersen in Florida before moving back to Boise, Idaho.  

  • Heather has been training and teaching dressage professionally for over 20 years and has helped many amateur, junior, and professional riders achieve their personal goals, whether sitting the trot correctly to competing at the NAJYRC.  She is a talented instructor with an excellent eye for detail, a deep interest in continuing education, and a tremendous amount of experience teaching through FEI.  All breeds and ability levels are welcome!


LESSONS.  Available ONLINE or in-person at various locations around Boise, Idaho

IN-HAND WORK.  Available in-person at various locations around Boise, Idaho

CLINICS.  Single to multi-day clinics available

SHOW COACHING.  Available in-person in Boise, Idaho

CONSULTING.  Interested in buying a horse or a foal and want an outside assessment?  Want feedback on improving your test scores?

Please contact me for more information and pricing!

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Boise, Idaho




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